Morada Chandelier $899.00
Introducing Morada - the perfect blend of modern and elegant! With its open, arched metal frame and choice of gold leaf or aged iron finish, this fixture makes a stylish statement. The clear, round bulbs atop sleek, straight candle holders add a beautiful contrasting effect. Available as a sconce, pendant or linear, each fixture hangs from a round metal loop, giving a sense of graceful motion to any space.
Taft Chandelier from $1,899.00
Add an organic and refined touch to your space with our Taft Chandelier. Two tiers of abaca rope make a bold statement, while Vintage Gold Leaf metalwork adds an airy and light feel. Inspired by the warm and natural beauty, this chandelier will bring a sense of warmth and style to any interior. Available in a 30" and 40" wide.
Ren Lantern from $1,424.00
This modern spin on a traditional lantern was designed by Becki for a simple, elegant, and fresh feel. Hang this in any room in your home to effortlessly add a contemporary vibe that embraces clean lines and an industrial feel that casts an elegant glow to illuminate your space.
Aiden Chandelier $1,919.00
Bring a touch of ethereal beauty to your space with the Aiden Chandelier. This stunning piece features clear glass/frosted inside round shades, suspended by hand-worked, wrought iron stems in Carbide Black and Polished Nickel. The result is a mesmerizing display of warm, ambient light that will elevate any decor.
Amy Chandelier $2,869.00
Elevate your space with the Amy 18-Light Chandelier. Its minimalistic design boasts elongated, finely finished metal candlesticks and textured-black arms, creating a striking contrast. It's the perfect addition to any room.
Melody Chandelier $3,039.00
Elevate your space with our exquisite Melody Chandelier, meticulously handcrafted from banana bark layers and coated in resin. Available in both a dark-finished pendant chandelier and an off-white semi-flush ceiling mount, our unique chandelier adds a touch of organic beauty to any room. Transform your space with the warmth and elegance of our one-of-a-kind chandelier.
Leslie Chandelier from $2,849.00
Infuse your space with tropical vibes with the Leslie Chandelier. Handmade wood beads in a light brown hue adorn the classic donut-shaped shade, evoking memories of sandy beaches and seashells. The chunky Vintage Gold Leaf chains add a touch of bohemian luxury. Available in two sizes to fit your needs.
Eloise Chandelier $2,819.00
Elevate your space with the Eloise Chandelier. Hand-woven with fine abaca rope over a sturdy metal frame, this oversized chandelier adds a natural, rustic touch to any room. Complete with a taupe chain and canopy hanging kit, it's the perfect statement piece for your home. Professional installation recommended.
Esme Chandelier $4,799.00
Elevate your home with the stunning Esme Chandelier. Crafted from natural abaca rope and a sleek metal frame, this chandelier exudes elegance. Complete with a taupe chain and hanging kit, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Professional installation recommended for a flawless finish.
Heber Chandelier $2,099.00
Experience the beauty of nature with the Heber Chandelier. The classic dome shape, crafted with expertly wrapped faux rattan, creates an organic and earthy focal point. The array of lights within the shade adds a warm and inviting glow to any space. Adorn your interior with the unique and versatile Heber Chandelier. *Colors and patterns may vary slightly due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium.
Tracy Chandelier $789.00
Add a touch of organic elegance to your space with our Tracy Chandelier. The elevated design combines soft natural elements with an elegant and sculptural form, featuring elongated white-washed wood beads and an Aged Brass framework. The white raffia accent on the top ring adds a clean, fresh feel, making it the perfect complement for a coastal vibe.
Napa Chandelier $4,359.00
Unleash an opulent ambiance with the Napa Chandelier! Inspired by the 1930s, this fixture boasts seeded glass orbs and chunky Vintage Brass chains. The unique glass swirls paired with vintage forms create a stunning display. Napa shines with warmth as a chandelier or pendant light.
Lebec Chandelier $2,199.00
Illuminate your space with the stunning Lebec Chandelier. Inspired by nature, its airy and elegant design boasts slender, swooping arms that give off a botanical vibe. Bring a sense of calm to your home with this refined fixture.
Aptos Chandelier $1,449.00
Bring French Riviera finesse and mid-century modernism into your space with the Aptos Chandelier. The large drum shade, wrapped in Bleached Abaca cord, lets light shine through while Vintage Gold Leaf finish and vintage iron-inspired frame add a touch of sophistication. 
Vicky Chandelier from $1,999.00
Experience the rustic yet refined beauty of the Vicky Chandelier. The perfectly imperfect dome shades made of woven Lampakanay grass, suspended from vintage gold leaf arms, create a warm and natural feeling in any space. Add a touch of minimalism and organic texture to your home.
Cece Chandelier $599.00
Make a sophisticated statement with the Cece Chandelier. Its large swooping arms with a single bulb per arm provide a warm, inviting atmosphere. Choose the esteemed Forged Iron option or the classic White Gesso to best match your space. Create an opportunity to showcase your style.
Bronson Chandelier $1,389.00
The Bronson Chandelier brings modern and organic elements together in perfect harmony. Its tapered white plaster silhouette is accentuated by aged brass details for a look that is both inviting and powerful. Perfect for filling a large area with a warm, reflective glow. Be inspired by the timeless beauty of the Becki Owens collection.
Cassandra Chandelier $2,999.00
Make a truly eye-catching statement with the Cassandra Chandelier! This beautiful design features graceful loops of coco beads punctuated withsoftly swaying fringe, creating a look that is flirty and full of movement. Transform any space with its unique silhouette and bring on the drama.
Sanders Lantern $429.00
The Sanders Lantern Pendant is the perfect way to bring a designer touch to your home. Designed in collaboration with Becki Owens, this timeless cottage-style wall sconce incorporates clear glass windowpanes for added depth and dimension. The French Iron finish and candlestick light source complete the classic look, and it is available in one, two, or three-light options.
Leo Chandelier $1,407.00
Minimalism with presence, Leo has a clean, sculptured look that fills a space. Rounded shades suspend from sprawling metal arms, all in a soft black finish. The three-bulb chandelier is over six-and-a-half feet in diameter and the six-bulb chandelier is seven feet in diameter. The shades rotate to create a customized lighting plan. This expansive fixture will bring stunning style to any large space.
Stacey Chandelier from $1,099.00
At first glance, Stacey is your classic shaded fixture, but a closer look reveals a familiar silhouette with subtle elevated details. In sconce form, a layered circular backplate with bias cut edge detailing is the base for a swooping square arm that slightly twists into knurled caps at either end. The chandelier highlights the same bias cut technique in an elegant stem. Stacey's stunning metalwork is available in three classic finishes.
Landon Chandelier $499.00
A Belgian linen shade, an inverted Matte Black cage, and a pop of Gold or Silver combine to create a beautiful contrast of finishes that work well in almost any space. Complete with a metal chain made up of twisting diamond links, the Landon Chandelier is a true statement of modern elegance. 
Georgia Chandelier from $1,620.00
Add statement lighting into your home décor with the thoughtful and serene Georgia Chandelier. With Old Bronze metal framing and brilliantly woven rattan, this chandelier combines style and elegance in a way that elevates your space while giving it an organic feel.
Barlow Lantern from $990.00
Our Barlow Lantern is the perfect addition to any home. Crafted from durable steel and finished in an aged brass, this lantern is sure to make a statement in any room. With its classic design, this lantern is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home. The eight lights provide ample illumination, making it ideal for any room. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your living room or a touch of warmth to your bedroom, this lantern is sure to do the trick. Add this timeless piece to your home and enjoy the beauty it brings.