Niland Pendant from $1,079.00
Indulge in luxurious 1930s opulence with the Niland Pendant. This stunning fixture features seeded glass orbs suspended by Vintage Brass chains for a touch of vintage-inspired charm. The uniquely colored and swirled glass adds decorative flair, creating a warm and inviting glow as a pendant light.
Keeler Pendant $1,199.00
Elevate your space with the Keeler Pendant. The white-washed wicker dome shade, suspended from a white chain, brings a touch of coastal elegance. Natural materials and smooth shapes create an organic, modern feel with stacked stone accents adding a touch of luxury. Add a fresh look to any room!
Coco Pendant $1,099.00
The Coco Pendant features a unique circular pattern that covers the lamps creating a unique lighting pattern when lit. Brass bulb holders.
Ren Lantern from $1,424.00
This modern spin on a traditional lantern was designed by Becki for a simple, elegant, and fresh feel. Hang this in any room in your home to effortlessly add a contemporary vibe that embraces clean lines and an industrial feel that casts an elegant glow to illuminate your space.
Ivy Pendant from $478.00
Designed by Becki Owens, the distinguished Ivy pendant is the perfect choice to instantly elevate any room in your home. A large glass teardrop with three pins to elegantly mount the bulb hangs beautifully from an Aged Brass, Polished Nickel, or Old Bronze chain for a modern feel you’ll love. Available in three sizes.
Aliso Pendant from $399.00
Elevate your space with the Aliso Pendant, a stunning blend of vintage and contemporary design. The dusty rose glass, Aged Brass cap and chain set a serene atmosphere for intimate conversations. Choose from two sizes to add an irresistible touch to your home or hallway.
Colusa Pendant $1,699.00
Introducing the Colusa Pendant - a stunning one-light pendant that brings a touch of modern organic vibe to any space. With a sprawling rattan shade and Vintage Gold Leaf finish, this pendant makes a big statement while enhancing the rustic feel and adding a warm glow. Perfect for hanging over a dining table or in a larger living space.
Esme Pendant $1,399.00
Elevate your space with the Esme Pendant. This stunning pendant features a natural abaca rope wrapped tightly around a sturdy metal frame, creating a unique and eye-catching design. With a taupe finished chain and hanging kit included, this pendant is perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Professional installation is recommended for optimal use.
Iris Pendant $3,449.00
Elevate your space with the elegant and natural Iris Pendant. Handcrafted with abaca rope and a powder coated metal frame, this chandelier features an antique gold finished metal chain and canopy hanging kit. Perfectly coordinates with the Isla collection. Professional installation recommended.
Gemma Pendant $3,769.00
Indulge in the ethereal beauty of our Gemma Pendant. Featuring an oversized pendant intricately woven with a core rattan frame and accented with abaca rope details, this pendant exudes a coastal charm with a touch of elegance. Its nickel finished chain and canopy complete the look, making it a must-have for any space. Professional installation recommended.
Penelope Pendant $1,119.00
Introducing the Penelope Pendant - a unique blend of natural wood beads and elegant metal frame. With its soft white finish, this pendant provides a warm and inviting ambiance to any room. Comes with a hanging kit and recommended for professional installation. Elevate your living space today!
Carlsbad Pendant $569.00
Welcome to the Carlsbad Pendant! Our modern take on a classic design features a conical metal shade and a glossy glass diffuser for a unique teardrop silhouette. With an Aged Brass band at the center and exposed hardware, this pendant combines nautical and industrial elements for a current and stylish look. Get inspired and elevate your space with the Carlsbad Pendant.
Alice Pendant $629.00
The Alice Pendant is a charming addition to any space. With a beautiful bell-shaped silhouette and delicate cream scalloped trim, this pendant exudes sweetness and elegance. The aged brass details add a soft, subtle sheen to the overall design. 
Pietro Pendant from $1,379.00
Elevate your space with the Pietro Pendant. The alabaster tube encased in a clear glass globe creates a captivating display when illuminated. Its luxurious materials and sleek design make it a standout piece in any room. Hang one or multiple for an elevated and unique lighting experience. Available in two sizes.
Heber Pendant $1,799.00
Experience the beauty of nature with the Heber Pendant. The classic dome shape, crafted with expertly wrapped faux rattan, creates an organic and earthy focal point. The array of lights within the shade adds a warm and inviting glow to any space. Adorn your interior with the unique and versatile Heber Pendant. *Colors and patterns may vary slightly due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium.
Rio Pendant $999.00
Enrich your space with the effortlessly chic Rio Pendant. Its slender shade starts narrow and slopes outward, while the curved hardware detail adds a simple yet stunning touch. Perfect for your kitchen, this pendant will draw the eye and elevate the design as a single light or in multiples over the island.
Demi Pendant $599.00
Elevate your space with the Demi Pendant, blending natural wicker and Aged Brass for a coastal yet refined touch. Experience the warm, earthy glow when the brass shines through the gray wicker, adding understated elegance to any room.
Burney Pendant $1,299.00
Transform your space into a tranquil oasis with the Burney Pendant. Handwoven with rustic materials, its conical rattan shade is suspended from a large Bronze Leaf loop and chain, providing ambient illumination day and night. With its one-of-a-kind design, each piece is unique and full of contemporary character. Available in two sizes.
Celine Pendant $6,599.00
Elevate any space with the show-stopping Celine Pendant. This jewelry-inspired chandelier features a Vintage Brass finish and clear glass beads, creating a stunning teardrop silhouette. The swooping LED tubes add dramatic lighting, making it a must-have addition to any room.
Reina Pendant from $949.00
As the queen of the coast, this natural rattan pendant elevates a handwoven basket aesthetic to a statement piece. Suspended by a thick Gold Leaf chain and intricate knot, it nods to the nautical with a luxurious undertone. The combination of rustic organicism and upscale accents makes for a characterful and compelling fixture. Available in two sizes. Part of our Becki Owens x HVL collection.*Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.
Eve Pendant from $899.00
With a sculptural dome shape and thoughtful materiality, Eve embodies a purity of design. The subtle interplay of the Textured Warm Silver Leaf exterior with the Vintage Gold Leaf interior creates a stylish finish that feels organic and fresh. In both available sizes, this pendant light creates an impact with its warm glow and understated elegance. Part of our Becki Owens x HVL collection.
Bronson Pendant from $389.00
A refined bell-shaped fixture with a modern edge, Bronson features a sleek, tapered silhouette crafted from clean White Plaster. The opaque materiality and funnel shape creates a powerful downlight to fill a large area. Accented by the inviting warmth and reflective nature of Aged Brass, including a large cap and finial, it evokes an organic feel. Available as a chandelier or pendant in two sizes. Part of our Becki Owens collection.
Holly Pendant $2,699.00
Bring a touch of nature to your outdoor living with Holly Lantern Pendant. Its open, airy weave of faux reeds gives it a beehive silhouette and modern organic style. The two-tone finish provides a natural, neutral hint of color, and the clear glass shade creates a stunning lighting effect. What are you waiting for? Illuminate your indoor or outdoor spaces!
Sanders Lantern $429.00
The Sanders Lantern Pendant is the perfect way to bring a designer touch to your home. Designed in collaboration with Becki Owens, this timeless cottage-style wall sconce incorporates clear glass windowpanes for added depth and dimension. The French Iron finish and candlestick light source complete the classic look, and it is available in one, two, or three-light options.