Niland Pendant from $1,079.00
Indulge in luxurious 1930s opulence with the Niland Pendant. This stunning fixture features seeded glass orbs suspended by Vintage Brass chains for a touch of vintage-inspired charm. The uniquely colored and swirled glass adds decorative flair, creating a warm and inviting glow as a pendant light.
Morada Chandelier $899.00
Introducing Morada - the perfect blend of modern and elegant! With its open, arched metal frame and choice of gold leaf or aged iron finish, this fixture makes a stylish statement. The clear, round bulbs atop sleek, straight candle holders add a beautiful contrasting effect. Available as a sconce, pendant or linear, each fixture hangs from a round metal loop, giving a sense of graceful motion to any space.
Keeler Pendant $1,199.00
Elevate your space with the Keeler Pendant. The white-washed wicker dome shade, suspended from a white chain, brings a touch of coastal elegance. Natural materials and smooth shapes create an organic, modern feel with stacked stone accents adding a touch of luxury. Add a fresh look to any room!
Taft Chandelier from $1,899.00
Add an organic and refined touch to your space with our Taft Chandelier. Two tiers of abaca rope make a bold statement, while Vintage Gold Leaf metalwork adds an airy and light feel. Inspired by the warm and natural beauty, this chandelier will bring a sense of warmth and style to any interior. Available in a 30" and 40" wide.
Coco Pendant $1,099.00
The Coco Pendant features a unique circular pattern that covers the lamps creating a unique lighting pattern when lit. Brass bulb holders.
Ren Lantern from $1,424.00
This modern spin on a traditional lantern was designed by Becki for a simple, elegant, and fresh feel. Hang this in any room in your home to effortlessly add a contemporary vibe that embraces clean lines and an industrial feel that casts an elegant glow to illuminate your space.
Ivy Pendant from $478.00
Designed by Becki Owens, the distinguished Ivy pendant is the perfect choice to instantly elevate any room in your home. A large glass teardrop with three pins to elegantly mount the bulb hangs beautifully from an Aged Brass, Polished Nickel, or Old Bronze chain for a modern feel you’ll love. Available in three sizes.
Lanie Pendant from $909.00
Elevate your space with the Lanie Pendant! Experience a unique blend of traditional and modern design, with light passing through the Bleached Abaca rope-wrapped shade and a stylish Vintage Gold Leaf stem. Available in 3 or 4 light options, each one-of-a-kind pendant adds a touch of elegance to any room.
Hayes Pendant $249.00
Elevate your home decor with the Hayes Pendant Lighting. Crafted from paper, this industrial rustic style piece creates a warm and cozy ambiance in any room. Its unique design adds character and depth to your living space. Easy maintenance and a distinctive touch make it a must-have for every interior design enthusiast. Let your interiors glow with rustic elegance!
Aiden Chandelier $1,919.00
Bring a touch of ethereal beauty to your space with the Aiden Chandelier. This stunning piece features clear glass/frosted inside round shades, suspended by hand-worked, wrought iron stems in Carbide Black and Polished Nickel. The result is a mesmerizing display of warm, ambient light that will elevate any decor.
Amy Chandelier $2,869.00
Elevate your space with the Amy 18-Light Chandelier. Its minimalistic design boasts elongated, finely finished metal candlesticks and textured-black arms, creating a striking contrast. It's the perfect addition to any room.
Melody Chandelier $3,039.00
Elevate your space with our exquisite Melody Chandelier, meticulously handcrafted from banana bark layers and coated in resin. Available in both a dark-finished pendant chandelier and an off-white semi-flush ceiling mount, our unique chandelier adds a touch of organic beauty to any room. Transform your space with the warmth and elegance of our one-of-a-kind chandelier.
Leslie Chandelier from $2,849.00
Infuse your space with tropical vibes with the Leslie Chandelier. Handmade wood beads in a light brown hue adorn the classic donut-shaped shade, evoking memories of sandy beaches and seashells. The chunky Vintage Gold Leaf chains add a touch of bohemian luxury. Available in two sizes to fit your needs.
Aliso Pendant from $399.00
Elevate your space with the Aliso Pendant, a stunning blend of vintage and contemporary design. The dusty rose glass, Aged Brass cap and chain set a serene atmosphere for intimate conversations. Choose from two sizes to add an irresistible touch to your home or hallway.
Colusa Pendant $1,699.00
Introducing the Colusa Pendant - a stunning one-light pendant that brings a touch of modern organic vibe to any space. With a sprawling rattan shade and Vintage Gold Leaf finish, this pendant makes a big statement while enhancing the rustic feel and adding a warm glow. Perfect for hanging over a dining table or in a larger living space.
Eloise Chandelier $2,819.00
Elevate your space with the Eloise Chandelier. Hand-woven with fine abaca rope over a sturdy metal frame, this oversized chandelier adds a natural, rustic touch to any room. Complete with a taupe chain and canopy hanging kit, it's the perfect statement piece for your home. Professional installation recommended.
Esme Pendant $1,399.00
Elevate your space with the Esme Pendant. This stunning pendant features a natural abaca rope wrapped tightly around a sturdy metal frame, creating a unique and eye-catching design. With a taupe finished chain and hanging kit included, this pendant is perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Professional installation is recommended for optimal use.
Iris Pendant $3,449.00
Elevate your space with the elegant and natural Iris Pendant. Handcrafted with abaca rope and a powder coated metal frame, this chandelier features an antique gold finished metal chain and canopy hanging kit. Perfectly coordinates with the Isla collection. Professional installation recommended.
Gemma Pendant $3,769.00
Indulge in the ethereal beauty of our Gemma Pendant. Featuring an oversized pendant intricately woven with a core rattan frame and accented with abaca rope details, this pendant exudes a coastal charm with a touch of elegance. Its nickel finished chain and canopy complete the look, making it a must-have for any space. Professional installation recommended.
Penelope Pendant $1,119.00
Introducing the Penelope Pendant - a unique blend of natural wood beads and elegant metal frame. With its soft white finish, this pendant provides a warm and inviting ambiance to any room. Comes with a hanging kit and recommended for professional installation. Elevate your living space today!
Esme Chandelier $4,799.00
Elevate your home with the stunning Esme Chandelier. Crafted from natural abaca rope and a sleek metal frame, this chandelier exudes elegance. Complete with a taupe chain and hanging kit, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Professional installation recommended for a flawless finish.
Carlsbad Pendant $569.00
Welcome to the Carlsbad Pendant! Our modern take on a classic design features a conical metal shade and a glossy glass diffuser for a unique teardrop silhouette. With an Aged Brass band at the center and exposed hardware, this pendant combines nautical and industrial elements for a current and stylish look. Get inspired and elevate your space with the Carlsbad Pendant.
Alice Pendant $629.00
The Alice Pendant is a charming addition to any space. With a beautiful bell-shaped silhouette and delicate cream scalloped trim, this pendant exudes sweetness and elegance. The aged brass details add a soft, subtle sheen to the overall design. 
Pietro Pendant from $1,379.00
Elevate your space with the Pietro Pendant. The alabaster tube encased in a clear glass globe creates a captivating display when illuminated. Its luxurious materials and sleek design make it a standout piece in any room. Hang one or multiple for an elevated and unique lighting experience. Available in two sizes.