Coronado Jug $99.00
Draw the eye to any corner of your home with the placement of the Coronado Jug. With dramatic curves and a statement handle, this jug brings and earthy, modern feel to your home. Plus, it’s made from durable terracotta, so it can adorn the inside or outside of your home without fear of chipping or cracking.
Pala Planter Set $649.00
Elevate your gardening game with the Pala Planter Set! Made of sturdy plastered concrete, these planters provide a stylish home for your favorite flowers or plants. The modern plinth base offers a soft and textured contrast. And with the option to cover or store them, these planters are perfect for any type of weather.
Berkeley Vase $399.00
Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with the Berkeley Vase. Hand-carved from mixed reclaimed woods, this unique vase features an ivory finish and natural cracks and graining. Perfect for decorating a sideboard or buffet, add dried flowers or foliage for a truly stunning display. Please note, this vase is for decorative use only and is not watertight.
Evie Vase $249.00
Feel inspired by the beauty of this one-of-a-kind Evie Vase, crafted to perfection by female-owned studio in Mexico. Each piece is made with care and hand-shaped on a pottery wheel, featuring subtle imperfections and earthy natural colors to create a unique look and feel. Perfect for any home!
Isla Vase $259.00
Discover the timeless beauty of the Isla Vase. Crafted from in-house clay, artfully shaped with a pottery wheel, and finished with natural earth tones, this one-of-a-kind piece is a stunning reminder of the artistry and skill of traditional pottery. From the tactile grooves formed by the potter's hands to the organic look and feel, it’s a unique work of art perfect for any décor!
Rowan Vase from $299.00
The Rowan Vase is a beautiful terracotta vase featuring stunning hand drawn Melancholia patterns, delicately sanded and coated to create unique depth and nuances. Plant directly into it or simply use it as elegant decoration in your home – it's sure to inspire strong emotions of warmth and comfort! Available in two different sizes.
Gina Vase $99.00
Transform any space with the Gina Vase. Crafted from paper mache, this beautiful, one-of-a-kind vase will bring a unique, natural touch to any room. Let its natural beauty bring a fresh, cozy atmosphere to your home.
Mindy Vase Set of 2 $199.00
Bring a touch of elegance to your home with these incredible Mindy Vase Sets. Crafted from sophisticated blown glass with stunning colors, these vases boast a perfect blend of beauty and simplicity. The perfect addition to any room, these vases will make a unique statement.
Penny Vase from $99.00
Bring a touch of sophistication to your decor with the distressed cream Penny Ceramic Vases, sold as one or a set of 2, a leading design brand. Expertly crafted with luxurious materials, this stunning piece boasts a unique design that will make a statement in any room. Display your favorite flowers in style and elevate your decor with this must-have item.