Marlene IX Rug from $59.99 $79.00
#1 Best Selling Rug on Becki Owens Living! Introducing the Marlene area rug from Becki Owens x Surya, the perfect way to add a touch of style and luxury to any space. Crafted from durable polyester, this rug is designed for high traffic areas and will last for years to come. The vintage-inspired design features an elegant neutral color palette that adds a classic, timeless look to any room. With its medium pile and machine-woven construction, this rug is sure to make a statement in any home. Plus, it's easy to care for - just make sure to use a rug pad and have it professionally cleaned when needed. Transform your space with the Marlene area rug - the perfect combination of beauty and durability.
Paint Guide $17.99
This is an edit of my go-to white, gray and black paints. It also includes: a step by step digital guide for painting new and refinishing old cabinetry, pro painter tips, a paint finish guide, my favorite custom exterior color and more.  Use it as a resource to make the paint selection process quick and effortless.  Please note this is a digital paint guide. Once purchased, check your email for a link to download your paint guide. Enjoy!!
Luca I Rug from $63.99 $85.00
The Luca Traditional Denim/Navy Area Rug is a vintage inspired collection full of rich design and subtle versatile colors that will bring a curated and collected feel to any room. This collection encompasses a unique distressed style that blends both cool and subtle warm earth tones together to create a piece that will complement a variety of spaces. The faded blue within this rug creates a dreamy, cool tone that would be perfect in any coastal styled spaces. Woven in Turkey, this beautiful rug was crafted with durable materials without sacrificing style or budget.
Kimi III Rug from $51.99 $69.00
This unique and exquisite Kimi area rug is a special collaboration piece from our Becki Owens x Surya line. The perfect addition to any space, this beautiful rug features a unique stitched design made of polypropylene and jute. Its main colors of natural and beige add a textural woven design with self tassels, making it a stylish and eye-catching statement piece. Machine woven for durability, this rug is easy to care for with spot clean only. For best results, pair with a rug pad to ensure even longer use and enjoyment.
Elle II Rug from $63.99 $85.00
Add character and warmth to your home with the Elle Collection by Becki Owens x Surya. This collection is vintage inspired and brings a mix of modernized traditional style with the detailed medallion design. Crafted with warm gray tones, this rug will add character and liven a space by bringing a fun livable feel to the area. Durably woven in Turkey, this collection is great for high traffic areas.
Lila II Rug from $63.99 $85.00
Bring great character to any space with the vintage inspired Lila Collection from the Becki Owens x Surya line. This rug consists of great detail, from a medallion center, to soft florals and border details. The neutrals and soft warm colors of this rug create a versatile piece that would make a rich foundation for any type of space. The design of the Lila Collection brings a collected, antique feeling to create a story that livens any room. Woven in Turkey with durable, synthetic fibers, this rug will uphold traffic around any area.
Lila I Rug from $63.99 $85.00
A warm terracotta palette mixed with vintage motifs allow the Lila rug in the Becki Owens X Surya collection to effortlessly elevate any room in your home. The Lila Collection, inspired by one-of-a-kind rugs and vintage designs, has a beautiful medallion center with soft floral details. Rich earth tones in this collection help warm and ground any space, making it a perfect foundation to build on. This rug carries a bold, but subtle presence and adds an old-world antique element. Crafted and woven in Turkey, this unique rug is durable all while keeping a soft feel and exclusive texture.
Solana III Rug from $56.99 $75.00
Crafted for the Becki Owens x Surya line, the Solana Collection features a Moroccan printed design with sophisticated neutrals to bring a statement that blends seamlessly with any decor to a variety of spaces. Inspired by one-of-a-kind rugs, Solana brings a high-end hand knotted look for less with the unique texture technique created with durable materials in Turkey. The charcoal colors of this rug will seamlessly add dimension and depth to any room, while adding a touch of character.
Davina III Rug from $59.99 $79.00
Warm neutral earth tones and a vintage feel make the Davina Collection the perfect piece to elevate any space in your home. This rug, from our Becki Owens x Surya line, brings visual interest with its stunning pattern and decorative border to create a transitional piece for any room. The Davina Collection has a depth of design with its antique, collected feel all while bringing a new age touch. This collection combines a variety of styles to create a beautiful vintage inspired piece that will bring so much character to any home. Woven in Turkey, this rug is created with synthetic fibers along with a unique texture that resembles handmade pieces.
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Haven Dining Chair $439.99 $549.00
Introducing the Haven Dining Chair! With a sculpted wrap frame and off-white performance fabric, this chair adds a modern touch to any dining room. Not only is it stylish, but the performance fabric is designed to withstand spills, stains, and high traffic. Sit in comfort and style with this durable and versatile piece.
Marlene VII Rug from $59.99 $79.00
This exquisite Marlene area rug is the perfect addition to any living space. Designed in specifically for our Becki Owens x Surya line, this stunning piece features a vintage-inspired style that is sure to bring a touch of timeless elegance to your home. The polyester construction and medium pile make it durable and perfect for high traffic areas. The rug features shades of blue that are sure to bring a calming atmosphere to any room. For best use and longevity, we recommend a rug pad. For cleaning, professional rug cleaning is recommended. Add this beautiful and timeless piece to your home today!
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Folsom Round Mirror $375.99 $469.00
This eye-catching round mirror adds a high-end look and sophisticated style to any room by showcasing smooth iron spheres that embellish a sleek inner frame, finished in a distressed black with fine silver undertones or a stunning natural wood finish.
Davina I Rug from $63.99 $85.00
Combining a new age traditional style with a vintage inspiration, the Davina collection adds an updated and stylish feel to any space. This collection from Becki Owens x Surya incorporates a range of design elements, from coastal, traditional, and even modern. Woven in Turkey with synthetic fibers, this durable rug will add depth and a touch of pattern to any room. This rug offers a unique color palette with boasting blue gray tones to add a sense of tranquility to everyday living.
Kamey VI Rug from $81.99 $109.00
Unveiling the Kamey VI, a beautifully hand-woven rug designed in collaboration with Becki Owens x Surya, evoking an essence of Farmhouse Cottage style. This rug mesmerizingly blends classic neutral shades of off-white and faded wheat, creating a soothing ambience for your living space. The unique design is accentuated with tastefully placed bars framing the top and bottom which seamlessly transition into fringe detailing, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor. Manufactured in India from Jute, this rug not only ensures durability but also adds natural warmth and texture to your floors. While it doesn't have a pile, we recommend using it with a rug pad for added comfort. And when it comes to maintaining its charm? Just spot clean it with water! Bring home the Kamey VI rug and transform your space into a haven of tranquility!
Francis Stand from $29.00
Elevate your plants and other accent pieces to new heights with the Francis Stand. This stand is incredibly versatile thanks to its simple design and natural wood construction. Place potted plants, vases, or candles on it, or even stack them on top of one another. The possibilities are endless.
Niland Pendant from $809.99 $1,079.00
Indulge in luxurious 1930s opulence with the Niland Pendant. This stunning fixture features seeded glass orbs suspended by Vintage Brass chains for a touch of vintage-inspired charm. The uniquely colored and swirled glass adds decorative flair, creating a warm and inviting glow as a pendant light.
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Morada Chandelier $674.99 $899.00
Introducing Morada - the perfect blend of modern and elegant! With its open, arched metal frame and choice of gold leaf or aged iron finish, this fixture makes a stylish statement. The clear, round bulbs atop sleek, straight candle holders add a beautiful contrasting effect. Available as a sconce, pendant or linear, each fixture hangs from a round metal loop, giving a sense of graceful motion to any space.
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Stella Cutting Board $69.00
The Stella Cutting Board is more than just a kitchen tool—it's a work of art. Hand-crafted from Acacia wood, its natural beauty adds a unique touch to any kitchen countertop, while its durability and food-safe design makes it an ideal cooking companion. With style and function in perfect harmony, the Stella Cutting Board is sure to elevate any home chef's experience. Pairs great with our River cutting board!
Sammy II Rug from $74.99 $99.00
Introducing the Sammy Collection from Becki Owens x Surya. This special collaboration piece is a beautiful addition to any space with its plaid design and cool, gray neutrals. Hand-woven in India with Recycled PET Yarn, this rug is sure to make a statement in your home. The no pile construction makes it ideal for high traffic areas as it's easy to clean and maintain with spot cleaning and mild detergent. For added protection, we recommend using a rug pad beneath the Sammy Collection rug.
Marlene V Rug from $59.99 $79.00
Introducing the Marlene area rug, a stunning rug from our Becki Owens x Surya Collaboration. This exquisite piece is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. Featuring a unique diamond pattern, the rug is made of polyester and features a teal shade of blue, making it a timeless and eye-catching addition to any space. The medium pile ensures it is able to withstand high traffic and is machine woven for superior quality. For best results, we recommend using the rug with a pad. When it comes time to clean, simply take it to a professional rug cleaner.
Margot III Rug from $59.99 $79.00
This Margot Collection from Becki Owens x Surya brings a modern version of traditional style to form the perfect foundation to any space. The green, earth tones in this rug create an inviting and grounding feeling, while the unique texture brings an elevated handmade look. Margot is a vintage, one-of-a-kind inspired creation made from synthetic materials in Turkey. The durability of this rug, combined with the beautifully distressed design, makes this rug the perfect addition and foundation for any room.
Luca III Rug from $59.99 $79.00
This Luca rug from the Becki Owens x Surya line will bring life to any room with its blush tones and touch of feminine character, all while adding a layer of personality. Luca offers a vintage look, inspired by one-of-a-kind rugs, with incredible durability for a fantastic price. Woven in Turkey with synthetic fibers, this rug consists of a unique new texture technique that resembles the look of hand knotted rugs. The collection is rich in design, but subtle enough with its distressed style to compliment any space.
Lila IV Rug from $63.99 $85.00
The calming cool tones of blue in this Lila rug from Becki Owens x Surya, create a coastal feel that adds a pop of color and interest to any floor. These dreamy tones, combined with the soft floral details and vintage medallion, create an elegant design with a touch of old character. This rug was woven with a unique technique to mimic the texture of a handwoven rug with durability and cost in mind. Inspired by one-of-a-kind rugs, this rug will make a statement in any type of space.
Lila III Rug from $63.99 $85.00
Brought to you by Becki Owens x Surya, the Lila collection combines rich, detailed design with warm soft neutrals and tones to create an inviting space that will always feel familiar. Antique elements with vintage inspiration, bring an old world feel to any type of space. The many beautiful details and feminine touches in this rug make a statement that will tie together any space and add a layer of character, warmth and uniqueness into any area. This rug was woven in Turkey with durable materials to create a long lasting layer of expression.